Dharamsala in Green

Potpourri of culture, thats my India.


Clear, crisp, chaotic. Thats how I see it.

This dress takes me back to Dharmsala, a peaceful place amongst all that chaos. My mind ruminates over the delicate intricacies of this environment.

The dress came as a gift from my sister, the brand being Papaya.

I sit with it, my India- my home ?  Could it be ?

I have my sister, Sonie with her 2 year old, Ansh in tow.  A trek that was absolutely amazing.

The dress happened to get paired with a red pair of Toms’s – comfortable yet fashionable.

Trekking through India,

Here I am……………

O Biba


I knew it was mine the instant I laid eyes on it, that is after Sonie had spotted it already.

Classy piece that shows color, love and beauty all at once.



The dress is a depiction of the craziness that exists in a country that exudes an energy that is contagious. It states “I love my India”.

For me there is nothing more to say.


It was the Indian ocean and I, everything merged into one. Sonie, Ansh, and Anand.

“India is the greatest experiment in human history.

Poverty, wealth, diversity and democracy, all on a breath taking scale, mixing and melding together.

When it works-and it often works- it is a testament, not to the strength of government, but to the power of ordinary people.”

Till we meet again


Track me down…..

Summer fun with railroad tracks is how this dress played out. Orange maxi dress with a wedge heel that has a life of its own.


This is how this outfit came to be. I was in my amazing country, India. I was shopping in Amritsar for a nice pair of shoes and I stumbled upon this pair, a wedge heel that speaks its own truth. Its a brand called Mochi-which means shoe maker.



Red coat, Winnipeg snow

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Winter is upon us, as is the holiday season.

Its a joy to be a part of the newly fallen snow. To relish in its freshness, to smell the cold crisp air and feel it rush through your body.

My Winter starts off in Winnipeg, Manitoba, my home town.

It also starts with a gorgeous new Red Coat from Venus.com.

A tailored A-line coat with an oversized collar was just what was needed for this holiday season.

This coat is warm, comfortable and goes well with black accessories.

The best accessory right now for me is my snowfall.

Fall Fashion-The ultimate accessory-My Orange hat

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Location-Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

A chilly fall afternoon, with a slight drizzle outside. I could feel it in my soul, autumn was upon us and was creeping up closer to me as I trotted through a busy yet soothing afternoon.

I was surprised by my brother with a beautiful, woolen orange hat !

It was a beautiful gift from my brother, Sime, and it comes from a place of complete happiness and love.

Ladies, this hat is a must have piece with a unique design and style that goes with both a comfortable, yet stylish outfit.

Till next time……

Plaid in Maine

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There is always room to wear some plaid in the fall, especially in Maine.

The contrast I created was with a plaid navy blue long sleeve shirt and my red suede ankle boots. Chris selected my background which was full of green and lots of nature. I was in my element-in front of the camera.

The nice thing about this outfit was the comfort of the plaid and the flat red boots. Fall boots are a definite addition to any outfit, they make a sure solid statement.

Its nice to compliment a dark solid color with a bright solid color, as they both tend to stand out more.

Comfort with style is a must.

Polka dots

So this is a great combination of polka dots and a photo session that I had a lot of fun with.
My sweetheart Chris accompanied me, he of course, takes all my pictures.

We had a splendid time with this one. We started out in the woods out back near his house, the contrast of the green from the trees with my two polka dot skirts was awesome.

My red skirt with blue polka dots is a recent find from Forever 21 followed by the blue skirt with red polka dots which I found at H and M. I bought these two items independently from one another but they are two very unique pieces.

The polka dot term originates from the late 1800s in relation to the old polka dances. As this pattern became popular the term polka dot was applied to the pattern amongst naming other items similarly.

This fall its all about accessorizing

The fall is a great time to experiment with colored accessories, this month I created a few outfits that followed this concept.

I like to call this outfit—“Pops of red”

Red is my favorite color and to define an outfit with hints of red is always gonna cause the world to do a double take on that outfit of yours !

This was a last minute kinda thing, I was running out the door and thought well why not dress things up a bit today, the red beret had just come in the mail from Amazon (whose Prime shipping I LOVE !) and as I headed towards my front door I saw the beret on my front table, I glanced at my red shiny kitten heals and there I had it.

until another magical creation……..Kini

Shawls in the Ruins

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The ruins in Augusta tell a story…one that seemingly mixes well with my story.

My black top with black pants worked well with my silver speckled scarf.

This is a a particular stole from my collection that is named Black Out. The sparkling embroidery at the bottom plays out well with the black viscose fabric.

The juxtaposition of fabrics creates for an ensemble that is definitely eye catching.

I gallivanted around the ruins that day feeling as though I was being caught in them myself, perhaps losing part of myself to them….

Till I return………